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  1. How do I know if I have a virus?

    If you are suspicious about a virus, you most likely have one. Not all viruses present obvious symptoms. Symantec, developer of Norton Antivirus, has put together an extensive website just for dealing with virus problems. You can find it at http://securityresponse.symantec.com/. At this site you have the ability to scan your PC for viruses, update your antivirus software, download fixes for recent viruses, browse their virus encyclopedia, purchase software, and more.

    If this dosn't solve your problem, Then give Microcomp Services a call at 800-308-3986 to schedual an appointment. We will have you virus free in no time.(back)

  2. Should I upgrade from Windows 98 to a newer version?

    First you need to determine if your computer has enough memory, disk space, and processing speed to meet the minimum requirements of the new operating system. If your computer is deficient in any of these areas, a hardware upgrade may be required. In many cases, if your PC is over 4 years old, it may not be financially feasible to upgrade. Before upgrading, contact Microcomp Services and we will prepare a cost benefit analysis of upgrading or installing a new system. (back)

  3. Why does my computer slow down after I use it a lot?

    When your computer starts running slowly, close down all of your applications and re-boot. Most likely a re-boot will work as a short term solution. If this problem impacts your productivity, contact Microcomp Services and we will work with you to resolve the issue.(back)

  4. How can I Stop all these annoying Pop-ups?

    We recommend a program called Pop-up Stopper, by Panicware. It does a very good job at stopping pop-ups. You can download a free version from the manufacturers website.http://www.panicware.com(back)

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